Vendor Info 2015


 Mondo Bazaar Holiday 2015

Saturday December 5th & Sunday December 6th 2015

10am – 4:30 p.m. at the Gladstone Hotel

 Mondo Bazaar showcases unique items created by local artisans and designers as well as imported products that promote community initiatives and fair trade. The organizer will determine the  allocation of vendor space and rooms with the intention of providing a mix of products and designs, while ensuring a combination of new vendors and returning vendors. The organizer reserves the right to deny space to vendors that do not meet the identified focus of the event and may utilize a “first come first serve” approach if required.

There are TWO consecutive event days. Vendors may choose to exhibit one day or both, based on availability. On Saturday vendors may choose the Melody Bar or the Ballroom, and on Sunday the Ballroom only. Note vendors must remove all their items at the end of Saturday if exhibiting both days, as there is no space for overnight storage at the Gladstone.

What is provided

Each vendor will be provided with a table (approximately 6 x 2′-some may vary slightly) and one or two chairs. Display areas in the Melody Bar may be smaller and will utilize unique tables there including bar tops or cafe tables. All vendors are responsible for your own table cover and display.

You may bring your own display in lieu of a table but this must be stated in your application in advance and must meet the same size parameters of the other vendor spaces.If you require additional space next to your table, for display purposes, an additional fee will apply. You must request this specifically when you submit your application.


Please help us promote the event by sharing the event details on your blog and on social media. Vendors are the most important promoters for the event! Now is the time to encourage your followers to “hold the date” for the event. Please follow and interactwith us on facebook and twitter!

Other information

Set-up time for event days is 9:00 a.m. Take down is precisely at 4:30 p.m. Premises must be vacated by 5:00 p.m. Additional event day arrival/set up information will be sent to confirmed vendors closer to the event date.

Each vendor is responsible for his or her own business transactions with customers and for making change. Receipts for vendor table fees are provided upon request only.

There is a café serving full meals and coffee on the main floor. Vendors are encouraged to invite their customers, family and friends to visit the event and enjoy a cafe breakfast or a beverage. This encourages greater traffic flow and generally improves the vibe of the day!

We also hold prize draws for our customers during the day.  Vendors are invited to contribute an item for the draw, but this is not required.

Vendors click here for 2015 application